We are excited to announce $360 million of new capital to expand access to fair credit!

By now you may have heard the exciting news that we raised $360 million from some of the top financial institutions in the world. What you may not know, however, is the story that got us to where we are today.
A little over ten years ago, my co-founder Dan and I each moved to the U.S., to study computer science and business respectively. Though we loved our new lives in the U.S., we had many challenges and setbacks in obtaining credit and basic finances that many people understandably take for granted. This experience stuck with us as we went on to start families, new jobs, and settle into a place that more and more felt like home.
Eventually, in 2016, we decided to take on the challenge of providing fair access to credit for deserving borrowers. We focused on auto loans due to the importance cars play in our daily lives, and we initially focused on international students, just like we were when we first experienced the outdated credit system.
Though our focus remains on auto loans, we now service all types of borrowers across the U.S., from American citizens who are buying their first car to immigrants working and living in the U.S. We believe in expanding fair access to credit for millions of deserving consumers, and we will continue to work tirelessly on behalf of our customers.
It has taken dedication from our employees, support from our investors and business partners, and trust from our customers to get to this point. We view this new round of funding as not an end, but another step to achieve our mission.
We can't wait to continue growing and expanding our business, and we're so grateful you're part of this journey.